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Our nurseries are conveniently located in close proximity of London:

We also offer Holiday Clubs in Eltham, Greater London

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We have a number of Breakfast & After
School Clubs
 within close proximity of London

About Us

Alpha Childcare was set up in 2004 by Caroline Popoola. 

Caroline worked as an insurance underwriter for 12 years and after starting her own young family – she was empathetic to the need for parents to leave their children in a safe, clean and friendly environment. When Caroline was made redundant, she took the opportunity to focus on building the brand and the people that make up Alpha Childcare today!

As a team, we are committed to making sure that our parents feel at peace, when they are entrusting children to our care.


Our Story

Each setting is individual, and carefully designed to be homely, inviting, safe, and secure.

We encourage children to learn independently in a fun, healthy and nurturing environment.

We offer a rich and varied environment with a personalised learning and development programme for each individual child.

We welcome all children and families in an inclusive environment.

We support children with special educational needs and also children and families who speak English as an additional language.

Staff are friendly, and dedicated to making sure your child feels at home, happy and secure.

We have a robust recruitment programme and select staff for their personal qualities, qualifications and experience.

Our menus are carefully designed to offer a healthy, balanced diet.

Our managers have the support of a team of professionals at our head office ensuring the settings are run to a high standard while offering the personal touch

    There is a saying that “it takes a village to raise a child” and we see it as a privilege to be a part of your child’s life and nurturing the next generation.

    Our Commitment to you

    To download our full policy document:

    Our Ethos

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    We aim to:

    We will achive this by:

    Creating an environment which promotes inclusion by introducing appropriate resources and positive images of gender, disability, ethnic minorities and different cultures.

    Encouraging the participation of parents and carers in all aspects of the running of the nursery.

    Creating a welcoming atmosphere which makes the child, parents and carers happy and comfortable within the nursery.

    Having a thorough recruitment and induction process. Valuing our staff and encouraging and supporting on going professional development.

    Continually monitoring, reflecting and evaluating the effectiveness of our practice. We will identify our strengths and weaknesses and constantly look for ways to raise the quality of the service we provide and to improve outcomes for all children.

    We develop and maintain strong links with the local community, children’s centres and other agencies, encouraging the local community and these professionals to play an active role within the setting.

    Our ethos is to create a nurturing environment in partnership with parents. We believe that every child is unique and we encourage individuality and choice. Children can be creative and explore the environment and be adventurous in safety.

    All our childcare settings are unique and retain their individuality, while having the support of a team of professionals at our head office ensuring the nursery is run to a high standard while offering the personal touch. Each setting is carefully designed to encourage children to learn independently in a fun, safe, secure and healthy environment.

    Our staff team is carefully selected not only for their professional childcare qualifications and experience, but also for their personal qualities and their commitment to provide each child with quality care, and their continuing enthusiasm to develop their skills through further training.

    Create a stimulating, caring and safe environment where each child’s individual needs are met and where they can develop creativity, individuality and self-confidence in secure surroundings.

    To treat each child as an individual and recognise and celebrate individuality and diversity which helps promote a rich learning environment.

    Promote the development of a positive self-image within all children and families.

    Work in partnership with parents and carers in an open and honest way.

    Support parents and carers in the developmental needs of their children, both in the setting and at home.

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    Contact us to discuss your specific needs on +44208 469 1888 or email

    Want to know more?

    Best wishes Alex, Mark & Liadain

    Dear Alpha family, a big thank you for all your past and continuous support during this uncertain time You have
    helped us so greatly and it is so appreciated by our family. We are so
    excited to be bringing our child back and can't wait to hear all of her
    fun stories again of her time with you

    Parent Testimonials


    28-31 Plumbridge St, Greenwich, SE10 8PA

    23 Darnley Road, Hackney, E9 6QH

    89 Frederick Road, Rainham. RM13 8NS

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    Alpha Holiday Club

    Eltham Church of England School, Roper Street, SE9 1TR 

    Deansfield Primary School, Dairsie Road. Eltham. SE9 1XP

    Head Office

    Alpha Childcare

    28-31 Plumbridge St


    SE10 8PA

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    Our Locations



    Alpha Childcare is a leading childcare provider offering affordable bespoke childcare services in the London Boroughs of Eltham, Grennwich, Hackney, Rainham and Canning Town.